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The Classic » 3.5-inch

The Classic » 3.5-inch

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The Classic: 3.5" Stainless steel.

Blunt tip.

Engraved handle.

Two-way hold. Right or left handed.


Key Features:

  • 3.5-inches
  • Blunt tip
  • Engraved handle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Silver colorway
  • Smoking preparation/grinding accessory

  • TRIM PLANTS IN STYLE: Who says you can't have style and function? These herb and flower bud trimming shears are one of our most beautiful. They come with a stunning silver finish and have a gorgeous engraved leaf design on the handles.


  • MULTI-PURPOSE: These plant trimmers are our most versatile. They not only allow for trimming with ease, but also serve as a smoker's preparation accessory. These are the preferred grinding tool of connoisseurs since they preserve the integrity of plants.


  • BLUNT TIP FOR SAFETY: The blunt end of these scissors render them one of the safest on the market! The engraved handle steadies the scissors as the blade glides through the product into the connoisseurs palm.


  • DURABLE AND RUST-RESISTANT: Constructed out sturdy stainless steel, these plant trimmers are made to last for years and retain their appearance. To keep them performing optimally, regularly scrape residue off blades and clean them with rubbing alcohol.


  • TRUST DIAMOND CUT CO.: We cater to connoisseurs with our innovative designs and styles. Our plant clipping products are used by trimmers across the world and have been featured in a number of lifestyle publications and websites.

The multi-purpose mini.

Perfect for final trim and great with sativa type bud structures. Get right in between the longer foxtails of the bud for a great trim.


The Classic's blunt tip fans floral clusters and calyxes out of the way. Smaller loop handle allows you to use just two fingers to help achieve total control of your desired final look. Blunt tip also protects from overshooting your intended target and snipping into the bud.


Can be used as a smokers prep tool as well! Palm. Cut. Pack — with The Classic's blunt tip, connoisseurs can cut up their buds right in their palm without grinding, thus preserving trichomes and the precious terpenes within. Get The Classic, save the terps!


Also perfect for papers, cutting crutches or as a packing tool. 🍃✨


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