About Us

Diamond Cut Co. is a lifestyle herb company that specializes in products for the burgeoning medicinal and recreational herb industry.

We are proud to announce the first consumer herb scissors.

Diamond Cut Co. offers its ancillary product at a time when no other product exists on the market.
Being true originals, two seasoned smokers, who, are of course long time scissors users -
spearhead the company as founders. Diamond Cut Co. in turn understands the market and sees a need to appeal to the true connoisseur.

"The grower, as a connoisseur, uses scissors. As should the smoker of that connoisseur's grow."

Diamond Cut Co. carries on the tradition of using scissors not only for the harvest of the herb, but also in the preparation of the herb before smoking.
At a size of 3½" the small and portable scissors have been tested and designed, for proper length, fit and feel. Establishing the Gold Standard for herb scissors,
this official size allows the herb to stay still, eliminating the worry of pieces springing while being cut.

The Diamond Cut Co. scissors feature a Blunt Blade allowing for superior safety while in use.
With this design, the scissors combine safety as well as supreme functionality, along with exceptional style.

Diamond Cut Co. provides a true connoisseur choice in how to prepare your herb before smoking.

We are proud to offer a precise, connoisseur cut of herb, at any size, with almost no trichome loss at all.
Use the Blunt Tip Classic Scissors in your palm or in our Diamond Carry.

Diamond Cut Co. is excited to bring more cutting edge products to the market in the very near future.

We look forward to this exciting time in the industry!

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