About Us

Are other trimming scissor brands really for our cannabis community? — Diamond Cut Co. is proud to be for growers, by growers.


We are committed to supporting the hard working trim teams and individual cannabis trimmers across the world.


With innovative styles and designs — we cater to the connoisseur and focus our premium products exclusively for our cannabis community.


With elite ergonomic designs, fatigue reducing innovations and extremely sharp blades that last — our scissors have been well received within the cannabis industry.


You can find our premium scissors featured in High Times, Cannabis Now, mg and Grow magazine, as well as other esteemed publications solely focused on the cannabis lifestyle.


Danny Danko said it best, when he called us the “Cut Creator” in his Grow Gear: 4 Must Have Items.


Our extremely sharp scissors can be found cutting fire plants in hundreds of grow operations — large and small — throughout the world. We strive to create original, premium scissors, strictly for cannabis connoisseurs.


You can see our premium products and meet us at trade shows and expos all throughout the year. We love to see, hear, talk and of course, smoke with all of you! So stop by and say hi. We want to see your amazing, fire plants and we want to show you our amazing trimming scissors!


Passionate about our lifestyle and bringing original ergonomic designs and a connoisseur style all of its own — sets Diamond Cut Co. apart from the competing companies within its market.


We are proud to support our local growers and to fulfill a need within an extremely important part of our industry.


That amazing smelling, wonderful tasting, demand-a-photo-right-now connoisseur bud came from an unknown artisan’s hands — and this isn’t trimmed from a commercial machine.


Your connoisseur plants deserve connoisseur tools. This is what makes us do this — you!


You are not a machine.


Hand trimmed. Connoisseurs only.


Diamond Cut Co. can be found in exclusive, select retailers — supporting cannabis connoisseurs worldwide, from the West Coast to the East Coast, Hawaii, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico and Spain.


To everyone who has shown us love and acceptance and to our amazing friends, fans, family and supporters — we love you.


Now that you know a little bit about us and our story, we’d like to end with you knowing that we are humbled and grateful for the opportunity this amazing plant has given us. We are where we are because of connoisseur’s like you!


If you dig our products let us know! Please leave a like, a comment, a review or a shout out. We are available on all major social media platforms and try to get back to everybody — #diamondcutco


Remember to support your local growers and to always support and reform cannabis laws.

Connoisseurs Only.

Diamond Cut Co.


Founded 2016.