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The Harvester » 5-inch

The Harvester » 5-inch

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The Harvester: 5" Stainless steel.

Adjustable glide.

Engraved bonsai handle.

Gold & platinum colorways.

Two-way hold. Right or left handed.


Key Features:

  • 5-inches
  • Engraved bonsai handle
  • Razor-edge, high-angle long-lasting precision blades
  • Adjustable glide
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Gold & platinum colorways

  • GARDEN IN STYLE: Who says you can't have style and function? These herb and flower bud trimming shears are one of our most beautiful. They come with a stunning gold or platinum finish and have a gorgeous engraved design on the handles.


  • THE PERFECT TRIM EVERY TIME: With its adjustable glide, these gold or platinum pruning shears allow you to position your herb and flower bud scissors exactly where you want them to achieve the perfect snip.


  • DESIGNED FOR HEAVY USE: Cleanly cut and remove leaves from your grow with these plant scissors' razor-edged, high-angle precision blades. They are long-lasting and able to stay sharp, even after numerous pounds of trimming herb and flower plants.


  • DURABLE AND RUST-RESISTANT: Constructed out sturdy stainless steel, these plant trimmers are made to last for years and retain their appearance. To keep them performing optimally, regularly scrape residue off blades and clean them with rubbing alcohol.


  • TRUST DIAMOND CUT CO.: We cater to connoisseurs with our innovative designs and styles. Our plant clipping products are used by trimmers across the world and have been featured in a number of lifestyle publications and websites.

The Harvester is our most popular non-spring action model — with its large, comfortable, engraved bonsai handle, accompanied by our renowned, extremely sharp, long lasting blades — The Harvester makes quick, clean, efficient work of any cannabis leaf it encounters.


The Harvester features an adjustable glide which is used to create your desired scissor smoothness. A quick quarter turn of the pivot screw will adjust the glide of your scissors to your preferred preference.


After adjustment, your scissors glide (cut & feel) will be customized to your liking. Tighter or looser, it's up to you.


More than just gold and platinum looks. 🍃✨

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