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The Pro » 5.9-inch

The Pro » 5.9-inch

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The Pro: 5.9" stainless steel.

Comfort Finger Ring.

Soft TPR handle.

Two-way hold. Right or left handed.


Key Features:

  • 5.9-inches
  • TPR comfort grip
  • Comfort finger ring
  • Smooth volute spring assist
  • Precision bypass blades
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Titan Grey / TPR Black colorway


  • PAIN-FREE TRIMMING: Finger fatigue, hand cramps and calluses will become a thing of the past with these gardening scissors. They're equipped with a TPR comfort grip and comfort finger ring, which can help you work for hours on end without experiencing aches.


  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Constructed with a volute spring, which enables maximum compression and longer travel, these state-of-the-art flower bud clippers can help increase efficiency and output, while also allowing your fingers to stretch as you work.


  • DESIGNED FOR HEAVY USE: Not only are dull blades on plant scissors less efficient; they can wreak havoc on your hands. These pruners, however, come with precision bypass blades that will stay sharp, even after a numerous pounds of trimming your herb garden.


  • DURABLE AND RUST-RESISTANT: Constructed out of sturdy stainless steel, these plant trimmers are made to last for years and retain their appearance. To keep them performing optimally, regularly scrape residue off blades and clean them with rubbing alcohol.


  • TRUST DIAMOND CUT CO.: We cater to connoisseurs with our innovative designs and styles. Our plant clipping products are used by trimmers across the world and have been featured in a number of lifestyle publications and websites.


Big stems, big stalks? No problem.

Great for debudding and defoliation or heavy leaf stripping. Stalks get snipped cleanly and precisely. Heavy duty smooth volute spring allows for greater travel. Easier on your hands with a highly ergonomic, industry focused design and razor sharp, long lasting blades — rounded tips in case you overshoot your intended spot to clip.

The Pro features our innovative Comfort Ring, designed to fit either your fore finger or your thumb eliminating the need to set your scissors down. Allows you to stretch your hands and avoid fatigue, or to be hands on and grab a branch if need be.

Perfect for growers and grow operations to not waste time trying to find a misplaced tool or to avoid — even worse yet — the potential of plant contamination from setting your scissors down.


Extremely Sharp — Stainless Steel Blades. Round tip to avoid taking off extra plant material if accidentally over shooting your intended leaf.

Volute Spring Assist. Smooth action with a long travel helps chops those thicker branches with ease. Contoured TPR grips for extra comfort. Easy to use right or left handed.

Comfort Finger Ring was designed for hands on access to your plants if need be. Righties use index finger. Lefties use thumb.

Stretch your hands without having to put down your scissors — or tend to plants, your hands are free and your scissors aren’t misplaced.

Great for those long garden and trimming sessions. Perfect for defoliation and debudding plants. Debud with ease. 🍃✨


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